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Get Ready for the Ultimate Adventure: Yas Waterworld’s Newest Thrills and Chills

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld is a spectacular water park. Yas Waterworld gives adventurers the best with its latest and most fantastic attractions. This water park has everything from thrilling slides to wave pools and relaxing rivers. This post will cover Yas Waterworld’s newest and most exciting rides and attractions. We’ll show you this amazing water park’s thrills and chills in the ultimate adventure!

Introduction to Yas Waterworld

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld is an action-packed water park. It has 40 family-friendly rides, slides, and attractions. Yas Waterworld includes waves, lazy rivers, and thrill attractions.

Theme distinguishes Yas Waterworld from other water parks. The park follows Dana, a young Emirati girl searching for lost pearls. Each ride and attraction in the park is themed around Dana’s tale.

The park has five themed zones with attractions. Yas Waterworld offers fun and relaxation. Yas Waterworld offers the ultimate adventure!

Overview of the newest rides and attractions

Yas Waterworld, one of the world’s most popular water parks, continually wants to delight its guests. They’ve upgraded their rides and attractions. Cinesplash, a 5D cinema experience that blends water, motion, and special effects is a must-see.

Surfers can challenge themselves on the Bubble’s Barrel, which has a big wave pool that generates waves up to 3 meters high. The sluggish Al Raha River takes you on a picturesque tour of the park with plenty of chances to cool off.

The Jebel Drop is for daredevils. This rollercoaster takes you to the top of the park’s tallest tower before plunging you down an 80-kilometer-per-hour slide. The Marah Fortress, a multi-level interactive playground for families, and the Slithers Slides, a sequence of twisting and turning water slides that will make you scream, are other new attractions. Yas Waterworld has more rides and attractions than ever before.

The perfect day at Yas Waterworld

The perfect day at Yas Waterworld starts with an early arrival to beat the crowds. After entering the park, head straight to the locker area to store your belongings and change into appropriate swimwear. Then, grab a map and plan out your day.

Try Al Raha River, Cannon Point, and Marah Fortress to ease into the waterpark. Next, ride the Bandit Bomber, Bubble’s Barrel, and Liwa Loop.

Rehydrate and refuel at the park’s various food and beverage establishments throughout the day. From fast food to fine dining, the park has something for everyone.

Outside the water coasters, check out the Cinesplash theater and pearl-diving adventure. To unwind, visit Amwaj Wave Pool or the lazy river.

Finally, visit Yas Waterworld’s souvenir shops to recall you’re great day.

Which ride is perfect for you?

Yas Waterworld has numerous amazing rides, making it hard to choose. Don’t worry, and we’ll help you decide!

The Bandit Bomber is perfect for high-speed thrill seekers. This coaster has thrilling drops, curves, and a water element to wet you.

Marah Fortress is perfect for individuals who desire something less intense. This interactive playground is excellent for families with young children, with entertaining water elements and mini-slides for splashing around in the sun.

Bubble’s Barrel is a ride that tests your balance and skills. Water sports fans love this surf simulator, which simulates the exhilaration of riding waves.

Amwaj Wave Pool is the perfect chill-out spot. This pool is ideal for relaxing and taking a break from the rides, with mild waves and lots of space to sunbathe.

Yas Waterworld provides rides for all tastes. Bring sunscreen and prepare for the ultimate adventure!

Tips for first-time visitors

If you plan to visit Yas Waterworld for the first time, you’re in for a treat. This water park has something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping rides to lazy rivers and wave pools.

To make the most of your visit, here are some tips for first-time visitors:

  • Wear comfortable swimwear: You’ll spend most of your time in the water, so choose the swimwear you can move in.
  • Rent a locker: Hire a locker at Yas Waterworld to avoid lugging valuables. This is crucial for extreme rides.
  • Bring sunscreen:: It’s easy to forget sunscreen when you’re having fun in the water, but protecting your skin is crucial. Before entering the park, apply and reapply sunscreen.
  • Plan your day: With so many rides and attractions, plan beforehand. Check the park map and choose your first rides.
  • Stay Hydrate: Heat and activities require daily hydration. Use the water fountains and refreshment stands at Yas Waterworld.

Behind the scenes of Yas Waterworld’s newest additions

Are you curious about water park operations? We’ll show you Yas Waterworld’s newest attractions behind the scenes!

First up is the Falcon’s Falaj, an exciting water coaster that replicates the falcon flight. The ride’s technology and engineering are outstanding too. The crew worked hard to offer a unique experience for guests and calculated the ride’s safety.

The Bubble’s Barrel is a must-try surfing experience. The pool’s state-of-the-art technology creates an endless wave for surfing. This attraction’s personnel had to keep the pool safe and the wave strong enough to please surfers of all levels.

Lastly, CinéSplash uses water effects and 5D technology to offer an amazing movie experience. Water, wind, and fragrances will make visitors feel like they’re in the movie.

As you can see, Yas Waterworld’s new attractions require careful planning and execution. The crew behind the rides designs and ensures they’re safe and fun for all ages and abilities.

What sets Yas Waterworld apart from other water parks?

Yas Waterworld is unique. It’s an exciting place with rare encounters. Yas Waterworld’s Arabian-themed setting immerses guests. The park has over 40 thrilling coasters, slides, and attractions for all ages and thrill levels.

The Bandit Bomber, the first hydromagnetic-powered, six-person tornado waterslide, is a highlight. This coaster blasts riders with water bombs while dropping, twisting and turning.

Yas Waterworld’s “Flying Falcon” is the region’s longest suspended rollercoaster. Riders fly above the ocean and through the park’s jewel on this rollercoaster.

Traditional Arabian cafés and stores add to the park’s authentic experience. The park’s interactive attractions include pearl diving and solving mysteries to find Abu Dhabi’s lost wealth.

Yas Waterworld offers a unique family-friendly adventure, culture, and pleasure. It is unique among water parks and a must-see for adventurers.

How to beat the crowds and lines

At Yas Waterworld, you want to spend only some days in lines. There are methods to avoid crowds and experience all the rides and attractions without waiting.

First, arrive early before the park opens. You’ll be one of the first to enter the park and can skip the lineups at your favorite rides.

Weekday visits to the park prevent crowds. Weekends are when most people visit Yas Waterworld. Therefore weekdays are less congested.

Fast Passes and VIP tickets can elevate your experience. These tickets let you skip the lines with special lines. These tickets are worth it if you want to maximize your visit and avoid lineups.

Finally, download the Yas Waterworld app before visiting. The software lets you arrange your day around the ride and attraction wait times. Following these recommendations, avoid crowds and lines and enjoy Yas Waterworld’s thrills and chills.

Insider secrets for maximizing your experience

If you’re planning a visit to Yas Waterworld, it’s important to know some insider secrets to maximize your experience. Here are a few tips:

  • Come Early: Arriving early at the park is recommended. This way, you may avoid lineups and enjoy the rides and attractions.
  • Rent a Cabana: Enjoy the park by hiring a cabana. Your company can relax, take a break from the sun, and enjoy snacks and drinks under a cabana.
  • Wear Appropriately: Wear water park-appropriate clothes and shoes. Use slip-resistant shoes and quick-drying clothes.
  • Bring Sunscreen: The UAE is hot and sunny, so carry sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Plan Your Day: Write down the rides and attractions you wish to see. This will save time and ensure you know the park’s highlights.

By following these insider secrets, you can make the most of your Yas Waterworld experience and create unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

Owned By

Aldar Properties


Yas Island – Abu Dhabi


Sunday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Monday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Ticket Information

General Admission



Single Day Ticket 270 AED 220 AED
Single Day Ticket + Meal Voucher 320 AED 260 AED


Unlimited 3 Days 3 Parks 545 AED
2 Day Any 2 Parks 435 AED
1 Day Any 2 Parks 395 AED


Annual Passes

Gold Yas Parks (Three Park Access) 1095 AED
Silver Yas Parks (Three Park Access) 995 AED
Diamond Yas Parks (Three Park Access) 2895 AED

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel on or before the date of your scheduled Park visit, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you contact us after 7 pm on the day of your scheduled Park visit, no refunds or changes will be accepted.

Things to know

  • Children below the age of 3 are admitted free of charge accompanied by their parents. Parents of children under the age of three may be asked to provide identification to verify the age of their children.
  • Guests under 1.1m, mostly children, will be able to enjoy rides at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, there are a few rides that will be restricted to them.
  • Appropriate swimwear is a must at all times.

Things to Do

  • Dawawa
  • Bandit Bomber
  • Liwa Loop
  • Falcons Falaj
  • Al Raha River
  • Bubbles Barrel
  • Cannon Point
  • Cineplash
  • Hamlool’s Humps
  • Jebel Drop
  • MArah Fortress
  • Rush Rider
  • Slithers Slides
  • Tot’s Playground
  • Water Wars
  • Yadi Yas
  • Yehal


By Car

From Dubai

  • Get on Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 from Al Safa St/D71 3 min (1.6 km)
  • Continue on E11 to Abu Dhabi. Exit from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St/Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hwy/E12 1 hr 1 min (111 km)
  • Follow Yas Dr to your destination 4 min (1.9 km)
  • Turn left and you will reach Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

From Sharjah

  • Continue to E11 for 3 min (2.0 km)
  • Continue on E11 to Abu Dhabi. Exit from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St/Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hwy/E12 1 hr 22 min (137 km)
  • Follow Yas Dr to your destination 4 min (1.9 km)
  • Turn left and you will reach Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

From Al Ain – Abu Dhabi

  • Take Khalid Bin Sultan St, Maitha Bint Mohammed St and Khalifa Bin Zayed St to Al Ain Rd/E22 35 min (33.1 km)
  • Continue on Al Ain Rd/E22 to Abu Dhabi. Exit from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St/Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hwy/E12 1 hr 19 min (146 km)
  • Follow Yas Dr to your destination 4 min (1.9 km)
  • Turn left and you will reach Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

By Bus

  • From Sharjah to Yas Waterworld – RTA Bus no. E307, Y6
  • From Mall of the Emirates to Yas Waterworld – RTA Bus no. Y7
  • From Al Ain to Yas Waterworld _ RTA Bus no. X90, 175

Car Parking

  • There is plenty of free parking near the Park’s entrance and valet parking for added convenience.

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When I buy tickets online, how do I get them?

You will receive your print-at-home ticket(s) via email.

Can another person use my Annual Pass?

Annual Passes cannot be transferred from one guest to another.

Smoking is allowed inside the park?

There are three designated smoking areas located at various points within the park.

Best time to visit?

During weekdays, weekends are relatively more crowded. Arrive early in the day to avoid long queues.



Conclusion and final thoughts on Yas Waterworld’s newest thrills and chills

In conclusion, Yas Waterworld’s latest thrills and chills are worth a fun sunny day. Everyone may enjoy the high-speed waterslides and interactive water playgrounds.

These unique and thrilling activities will leave guests satisfied and thrilled. Cinesplash lets guests watch movies while getting wet and crazy. Water park fans and families seeking a great day out should visit Yas Waterworld.

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