Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari


Evening Desert Safari is a popular tourist activity in Dubai, where visitors can experience the desert’s beauty and participate in various desert activities. The safari typically involves riding a 4×4 vehicle through the desert and stopping at various points of interest, such as sand dunes and camel farms.

Visitors can experience the desert landscape and enjoy dune bashing, camel rides, Sandboarding, and traditional Arabic barbecue dinners. The safari usually ends with a performance of traditional Arabic music and dance.

Many tour operators offer desert safari packages, typically round-trip transportation from Dubai.

At these stops, visitors can try activities like sand boarding and camel riding and may also have the opportunity to watch traditional dance performances and enjoy a barbecue dinner in a desert camp. Some safari tours also include additional activities like quad biking and falconry displays.

Overall, a desert safari is a great way to immerse yourself in the unique culture and landscape of the UAE.

Ticket Information 

  • AED 270 adult / 220 child

Cancellation Policy 

Things to Know

  • Desert Safari is not recommended for: pregnant ladies, guest suffering from back or spine problems, guests with special needs, a guest who suffer from heart problems and children under three years.
  • Seats are available on a first-come-first, serve basis.

Cultural activities: Some tours may include activities such as henna painting, Arabic coffee and tea tasting, and performances of traditional Arabic music and dance.

Sunset photography: The desert is a beautiful setting for sunset photography, and many tours offer the opportunity to capture stunning images of the setting sun.

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Things to Do

  • Includes Pick up / Drop off from hotels in Dubai/ Sharjah /Ajman.
  • Desert Driving & Dune bashing in 4X4 vehicles by professional drivers.
  • Welcome drink- Arabic Coffee & Tea.
  • Unlimited soft drinks & water.
  • Camel Riding.
  • Arabic costumes for photographs.
  • Henna Painting.
  • Flavored Sheesha (Arabian Water pipe).
  • International Buffet dinner, Veg. & Non-Veg. With BBQ.
  • Enchanting Belly Dance entertainment (except during Ramadan).
  • Tanura Dance Show.
  • Quad Bikes are available with additional charges (Conditions apply)


  • Dune bashing: This is a thrilling activity where a 4×4 vehicle drives through the desert dunes, giving visitors a bumpy and exciting ride. Available with additional charges (Conditions apply)
  • Camel rides: Camels are a traditional mode of transportation in the desert, and many safari tours include the opportunity to ride one.
  • Sandboarding: This is similar to snowboarding, but it is done on sand dunes instead of snow.
  • Traditional Arabic barbecue: Many desert safari tours include a traditional Arabic barbecue dinner, where visitors can enjoy delicious grilled meats and other dishes.
  • Arabic barbecue dinner: Many desert safari tours include a traditional Arabic barbecue dinner with delicious local dishes and entertainment.
  • Traditional Arabic music and dance: The safari usually ends with a performance of traditional Arabic music and dance, such as belly dancing and the tanoura dance.
  • Henna tattooing: Henna tattooing is a traditional form of body art in the Middle East. Visitors can get a temporary henna tattoo during their desert safari.
  • Falconry: Falconry is a traditional Arabic sport, and many desert safari tours offer the opportunity to see these majestic birds up close.
  • Sunset photography: The desert is a beautiful setting for photography, and many visitors enjoy taking photos of the sunset over the dunes.
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