cheapest things to do in Dubai.

Dubai on a Budget: Top Cheapest Things to Do in Dubai for Thrifty Travelers

Dubai is known for offering extravagant experiences, but that doesn’t mean it’s only accessible to the wealthy. cheapest things to do in Dubai. Thrifty travelers can still enjoy all Dubai offers by exploring the many affordable attractions and activities. One of the city’s must-visit spots is the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in the old city. Visitors can experience traditional Emirati cuisine and learn about the local culture here.

In new Dubai, visitors can enjoy stunning views from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Across the city, there are countless free places to visit, such as the Dubai Museum and the Jumeirah Mosque. Additionally, there are plenty of cheapest things to do in Dubai, UAE, such as exploring the vibrant textile souks and taking a boat ride along Dubai Creek. A visit to Dubai is complete without experiencing its unique blend of luxury and local culture; even those on a tight budget can do so.


Dubai is an Emirate known for its opulence, luxury hotels, and high-end shopping destinations, attracting tourists from across the globe. However, there are plenty of cheapest things to do in Dubai beneath the lavish exterior. The city’s biggest attraction is the Dubai Desert, which is free to explore and showcases many scenic landscapes. Visitors can opt for camel rides, sandboarding, or watching the sunset and stargazing. Another free attraction is the Flamingo Sanctuary in Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

History buffs can head to the old town of Shindagha, which offers a glimpse of Dubai’s rich heritage through its museums and restored buildings. A list of free things to do in Dubai includes visiting public beaches and parks and free entry to the Dubai Fountain show. Budget travelers can explore the city and its vast offerings without breaking the bank. cheapest things to do in Dubai.

Visit the Dubai Fountain

Located at the base of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. Every 30 minutes in the evening, the fountain show dazzles visitors with 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors. It’s a free attraction and a must-visit for anyone in Dubai.

Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest flower garden, with over 45 million flowers on display. The garden is open from November to May and costs AED 40 to AED 75 per person. It’s a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the colorful blooms, making it one of the best places to visit in Dubai on a budget.

Go to the Beach

Dubai is not just a city of luxury and extravagance; it also offers some of the best cheapest things to do in Dubai that will not disappoint the budget-conscious traveler. One of the best cheap and accessible activities is visiting the popular beaches in Dubai for free. Jumeirah Beach, Sunset Beach, and Kite Beach are some of the most popular and beautiful places to visit in Dubai. They offer a mesmerizing view of the Emirate’s coastline with turquoise waters and soft, white sandy shores. 

Visit the Dubai Frame

If you’re looking for cheapest things to do in Dubai, visiting the Dubai Frame is worth it. It’s not only a great place to visit, but it’s also one of the tallest structures in Dubai. The Dubai Frame is a stunning landmark that thousands of tourists visit daily. It’s in the heart of Dubai and nearby other popular places in Dubai, like the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Fountain.

At an affordable price, visitors can experience breathtaking panoramic city views from the top of the Dubai Frame. The structure also features an impressive museum highlighting the city’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, the Dubai Frame is a must-visit destination to add to your itinerary. 

Visit the Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is located in the oldest building in Dubai and showcases the traditional way of life in Dubai before the discovery of oil. The entry fee is only AED 3 (less than $1), making it one of the cheapest things to do in Dubai. and a great place to learn about the city’s history and culture.

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Shop at the Souks

If you are looking for cheap things to do in Dubai, visiting the traditional markets or souks is a must. The Dubai old souq is a popular spot that offers a glimpse into the city’s rich heritage and culture. The spice souk is also a great place to explore, with various fragrant herbs and spices available. In addition to spices souks, these souks offer a range of items, including textiles, gold and silver jewelry, and traditional Arabian perfumes.

Whether you are looking for souvenirs or want to experience the atmosphere of these bustling markets, Dubai’s souks are worth a visit. You can explore the gold and spice souks located in Deira or visit the textile souks in Bur Dubai. The souks are a great place to bargain and get a good deal on your purchases.

Visit the Dubai Creek

Visiting Dubai Creek is an essential experience for anyone traveling to Dubai. This area is known for being a melting pot of old and new styles. Along the creek, you can visit the traditional markets known as souks, where you can find textiles, spices, and gold at great prices. Additionally, there are many cheap and free things to do in Dubai, especially along the creek. One of the best ways to enjoy Dubai at night is to take a dhow cruise along the creek. These cruises offer an incredible city skyline view and a delicious dinner.

Visit the Dubai Marina

If you’re looking for cheapest things to do in Dubai., visiting the Dubai Marina is worth adding to your list. One of the most popular free things to do in the area is taking a stroll along the marina walk, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the luxurious boats and yachts docked along the harbor.

The marina mall is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy shopping, offering a range of high-end shops, boutiques, cinemas, and dining options. However, if you’re on a budget, you can always enjoy window shopping and admire the glamorous displays without spending a penny. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Dubai Marina is a lovely place to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening. Cheapest Things to Do in Dubai.

Visit the Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai and is open to non-Muslims. Guided tours are available in English, where you can learn about the Islamic faith and culture. The entry fee is 25 dirhams (around $7), which includes refreshments and traditional Emirati snacks.

Explore the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood offers a glimpse of the city’s rich history and culture. The neighborhood is home to several traditional houses made of coral, which have been converted into museums and art galleries. You can also visit the Dubai Coffee Museum and the Dubai Museum of Poet Al Oqaili to learn more about the city’s culture and traditions.

Go to Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy it. You can visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which offers a variety of marine life experiences. You can also watch the Dubai Fountain show from the mall’s waterfront promenade.

Visit the Al Qudra and Love Lake

One of the cheapest things to do in Dubai. that you shouldn’t miss is visiting the Al Qudra and Love Lake. What makes these places special is that they are both free to visit! Al Qudra is a man-made oasis situated in the middle of the Saih Al Salam Desert. You can spend your day relaxing in shaded areas, walking, cycling, or even horse riding around the picturesque lakes.

On the other hand, Love Lake, located nearby, is a heart-shaped lake landscaped with flowers and surrounded by palm trees. Stroll on the winding paths and enjoy the stunning lake views while spending nothing. Pack a picnic, bring friends or family, and enjoy a wonderful day in Dubai’s beautiful desert landscapes.

Enjoy the Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is an entertainment destination featuring several theme parks, including Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Legoland Dubai. The parks offer a variety of attractions and activities, including roller coasters, water rides, live shows, and interactive experiences. You can buy a one-day ticket or a multi-park pass to enjoy the attractions at an affordable price.

Dine at Local Eateries

Dubai has a range of affordable dining options that offer a taste of local cuisine. Al Ustad Special Kabab, Bu Qtair, and Ravi Restaurant are popular places to try local food without breaking the bank.


What is the best time to visit Dubai on a budget?

The best time to visit Dubai on a budget is during the shoulder season, from May to September. Even though the weather is hot, you can find great deals on flights and hotels during this time.

Are there any free attractions in Dubai?

Dubai has several free attractions, including the Dubai Fountain, Jumeirah Beach, and the Dubai Museum.

What are the best souvenirs to buy in Dubai?

Some of the best souvenirs in Dubai include Arabian perfumes, gold and silver jewelry, and traditional Arabic textiles.

Is Dubai safe for travelers?

Yes, Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world for travelers.

What is the cheapest way to get around Dubai?

The Cheapest Things to Do in Dubai is by using the Dubai Metro, which is affordable and covers most of the major tourist attractions in the city.


For thrifty travelers on a budget in Dubai, there are plenty of affordable activities and cheap eats. The cheapest things to do in Dubai can depend on the day, with Thursdays and Fridays being the best days for free or discounted events. A trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), a bustling beachfront community with plenty of affordable dining options.

The world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel may seem out of reach, but visiting the nearby marina promenade offers stunning views of the iconic landmark. Another great place to visit on a budget is the Dubai Miracle Garden, an expansive outdoor floral park. With many options, thrifty travelers can enjoy all Dubai offers without breaking the bank.

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