Restaurants in Burj Khalifa

Fine Dining Style: Experience the World-Class Best Restaurants in Burj Khalifa, Dubai

If you’re a food enthusiast searching for a special and memorable dining experience, the Burj Khalifa is a destination you cannot miss. This colossal, awe-inspiring skyscraper is located at the heart of Dubai and boasts a range of luxurious, high-end restaurants in Burj Khalifa. The Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa features two of the city’s top restaurants: Armani Amal and Armani Ristorante.

Visitors can relish the exquisite flavors of world-class cuisine while taking in magnificent views of Dubai from the world’s tallest tower. If you’re ready for a shopping spree, the Dubai Mall is just a few steps away, located on Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd. The tallest building in the world is located in the heart of Dubai, boasting an array of world-class restaurants that serve delectable food and offer stunning city views.


Firstly, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ambiance of Burj Khalifa restaurants. As you enter the building, you’ll be greeted with an awe-inspiring lobby setting the tone for your dining experience in the restaurants in Burj Khalifa. The high-speed elevators will whisk you to the top of the building in seconds, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai city while dining in one of the many exquisite restaurants in Burj Khalifa.


At.mosphere is the world’s highest restaurant from ground level, located on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa. This fine-dining restaurant offers an eclectic menu featuring dishes worldwide, such as Wagyu beef, caviar, and foie gras. The restaurant also boasts a vast collection of fine wines and cocktails, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

The Burj Club, Rooftop

Even though it is a private rooftop club, the Burj Club welcomes the public every Sunday afternoon for the most mouthwatering brunch in the city. An experience at the Burj Club is unlike any other because it features rotating barbeque stations, a swimming pool that is open air and available to guests, and views of the stunning Dubai fountain. The dishes offered have been made with the highest refinement, and the beverages given alongside them raise the experience to an even higher level.

Armani Amal

Armani/Amal, situated on the third floor of Burj Khalifa, is another restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. This restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine and is famous for its contemporary interpretation of classic Indian dishes. The restaurant features modern, minimalist decor and a terrace that offers stunning views of the Dubai Fountain and the city skyline.

Armani Hashi

Armani Hashi served traditional Japanese and seafood located on the Burj Khalifa’s concourse. Choose the outdoor lounge in the evening to take in the city’s sights while feasting on the delicious fare and being surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Access to a private shisha lounge complements the restaurant’s stunning terrace setting, which looks out over the famous Downtown Dubai cityscape and The Dubai Fountain. Another thing that stands out is the chic, uncluttered aesthetic of this hotel. Live music and traditional Japanese fares such as Sushi, Maki Rolls, and Sashimi from the chef will leave you wanting more.

Armani Ristorante

One of the top eateries at the Burj Khalifa is Armani Ristorante, which provides genuine Italian food. This restaurant combines classic Italian cuisine with cutting-edge methods to produce a distinctive and enjoyable eating experience. The restaurant has established a reputation for providing customers with customized menus and dining recommendations. Private dining rooms at Armani Ristorante are available for small gatherings.

Armani Deli

Armani Deli, which can be found on the ground floor, is a gourmet restaurant with an Italian-inspired menu that serves authentic Italian and European cuisine and the best ingredients from around the world. The menu features both traditional and innovative takes on flavors and is updated daily.

Armani Mediterraneo

Armani Mediterraneo, which can be found on the same level as the Burj Khalifa lobby, is a restaurant that serves the best cuisine from the Mediterranean region at any time of day, from breakfast to late-night dining. You can begin your day with a fresh spin on the traditional continental breakfast served in a buffet style, or you can select à la carte favorites cooked by expert chefs.

This restaurant has an atmosphere that is almost as good as it gets, thanks to its location overlooking the Dubai Fountain. Its seafood selection is exceptional, and the dishes that customers rave about the most are smoked salmon and crab legs. The guests get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the chefs create culinary masterpieces at the live cooking station.


For those who love Thai cuisine, Thiptara is the perfect restaurant to visit. Located on the ground floor of Burj Khalifa, this restaurant offers a romantic outdoor dining experience with beautiful views of the Dubai Fountain. Thiptara’s menu features a wide range of Thai dishes, including Tom Yum soup, green curry, and Pad Thai noodles. The restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for a romantic evening, with traditional Thai decor and soft lighting.

The Lounge

The Lounge is located on the 152nd floor of Burj Khalifa and offers stunning views of Dubai city. This restaurant is perfect for those who want to enjoy a variety of snacks, desserts, and cocktails while taking in breathtaking views. The Lounge has a contemporary decor with comfortable seating and soft lighting, making it an excellent spot for a post-dinner drink or an evening out with friends.

At the Top

At the Top is another restaurant located on the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa. It offers a casual dining experience with a buffet-style setup and various international cuisines. The restaurant also has a coffee shop and a souvenir shop, making it an excellent place to relax and enjoy the stunning views of Dubai city.

Restaurants in Burj Khalifa
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What is the highest restaurant in Burj Khalifa?

At.mosphere is the highest restaurant in Burj Khalifa, located on the 122nd floor of the building.

Which restaurant in Burj Khalifa specializes in Indian cuisine?

Armani/Amal is a restaurant on the third floor of Burj Khalifa that specializes in Indian cuisine.

Which restaurant in Burj Khalifa offers an outdoor dining experience with views of the Dubai Fountain?

Thiptara is a restaurant in Burj Khalifa that offers an outdoor dining experience with views of the Dubai Fountain.

What kind of cuisine is served at Thiptara?

Thiptara is a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine.

Which restaurant in Burj Khalifa offers a buffet-style setup?

At the Top is the restaurant in Burj Khalifa that offers a buffet-style setup.


In conclusion, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, offers a unique dining experience with some of the best restaurants in Dubai located within its walls. Dining at the Burj is a must if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience at the restaurants in Burj Khalifa. It offers delicious food and stunning views of the Dubai skyline and the Dubai Fountain. You can enjoy lunch and dinner while soaking in the spectacular city views. Each of Burj Khalifa’s restaurants has its unique ambiance, making it a perfect place for any occasion.

Whether enjoying a romantic dinner or having a business meeting, the Burj Khalifa restaurants offer the best views and a great view. For the best Burj Khalifa restaurant experience, head to At.Mosphere, which boasts its position as the world’s highest restaurant on the 122nd floor. Each restaurant’s unique ambiance makes it a perfect place for a romantic dinner, a special occasion, or a casual evening out with friends. Whether you are looking for fine or casual dining, Burj Khalifa has something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for food lovers.

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