Abu Dhabi Malls

Abu Dhabi Malls: The Ultimate Shopping Spree for the best Malls in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is among the best places for shopping, boasting some of the world’s most luxurious and expansive shopping centers. The city is home to over 370 international brands, and its shopping malls cover millions of square feet. Whether you’re a fashionista or a bargain hunter, there are plenty of options in Abu Dhabi malls.

The city’s list of the best shopping malls includes international and local options. Each shopping center has unique features, with some boasting high-end department stores and luxury brands, while others are more affordable and cater to a broader range of budgets. Whatever your shopping preferences, Abu Dhabi’s malls are sure to satisfy your retail cravings.

The Galleria Al Maryah Island: Premium Luxury Destination

The Galleria, located in the heart of Al Maryah Island, is considered one of the best shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi. It is a premium mall that offers luxury shopping and dining options. With over 130 upscale brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci, shoppers can find their favorite luxury brands in one place.

The Galleria mall Al Maryah Island is also home to several exclusive stores offering unique products and services. In addition to shopping, visitors can savor the wide range of culinary delights available at the mall’s upscale restaurants and cafes. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that the Galleria is one of the top Abu Dhabi malls, attracting tourists and locals alike.

Yas Mall: The Largest Shopping Centre in Abu Dhabi

Yas Mall Abu Dhabi stands out among other Abu Dhabi malls as the largest shopping center in the region that is packed with international stores. For all those who love shopping, Yas Mall is a must-visit destination offering an extensive range of options for everyone’s taste. The mall boasts over 400 stores, making it possible to shop from high-street fashion to luxury labels all under one roof.

Shopaholics can find everything from designer clothing and footwear to electronics and toys. With its excellent architecture and various restaurants, Yas Mall is not only a perfect place for shopping but also an ideal destination for hanging out with friends and family. So, whether you are a resident or a tourist in Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall should be on top of the list for a complete and unforgettable shopping experience.

Abu Dhabi Mall: The Oldest and Most Popular Mall

Located in the city’s heart, Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the oldest and most popular malls in Abu Dhabi. It features over 200 stores, including international brands like Zara and H&M and local retailers. The mall has several dining options, a cinema, and a children’s play area.

Marina Mall: A Waterfront Shopping Center with Stunning Views

Marina Mall is a waterfront shopping center that offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. It has over 400 stores, including designer boutiques like Chanel and Hermes. The mall also features several restaurants, cafes, and a cinema.

The Mall at World Trade Center Abu Dhabi: A Convenient Shopping Destination

Located within the World Trade Center Abu Dhabi complex, this mall is a convenient shopping destination for residents and tourists. It features over 160 stores, including high-street brands like Mango and Topshop. The mall has several dining options, a cinema, and a children’s play area.

Al Wahda Mall: A Popular Shopping Destination for Families

Al Wahda Mall is a popular shopping destination for families, with various entertainment options for kids and adults alike. It has over 350 stores, including international brands like H&M and Victoria’s Secret. The mall also features a food court, a cinema, and a bowling alley.

Dalma Mall: A Spacious Shopping Mall on the Outskirts of the City

Among the many Abu Dhabi malls, Dalma Mall is one of the stands out shopping centers in the city. Situated on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, this mall boasts a spacious interior and an impressive collection of over 400 stores. The mall caters to a wide range of customers, providing a diverse array of shopping options for almost all budgets.

Whether looking for high-end fashion brands, electronic gadgets, or grocery shopping, Dalma Mall has everything. Big-name brands like Carrefour and Centrepoint are available here, making it a one-stop destination for shopping enthusiasts. The mall is also home to a gaming zone, a movie theatre, and a food court, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends and family.

Bawabat Al Sharq Mall: A Community Mall in the Eastern Part of Abu Dhabi

Bawabat Al Sharq Mall is a community mall located in the eastern part of Abu Dhabi. It features over 200 stores, including international brands like Sephora and The Body Shop. The mall also has several dining options and a cinema.

Mazyad Mall:  The first mall in Mohamed Bin Zayed City

Mazyad Mall is the first mall in Mohamed Bin Zayed City, one of the growing communities in Abu Dhabi. The mall is strategically located between two major highways – Dubai-Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi-Al Ain – making it easily accessible to shoppers. Mazyad Mall features a diverse range of retail outlets, entertainment facilities, and dining options. It has become a go-to destination for shopaholics, food enthusiasts, and families looking for a fun day out.

The mall’s state-of-the-art facilities, ample parking space, and friendly atmosphere have helped establish its position as one of the best shopping malls in Abu Dhabi. The mall’s diverse range of outlets provides various products, making it a one-stop shopping destination for residents and tourists alike.

Mushrif Mall: A three-level shopping mall in the city of Abu Dhabi

Mushrif Mall is a three-level shopping mall in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is one of the most popular Abu Dhabi malls that residents and tourists love to visit for a unique shopping experience. This shopping center houses many retail outlets offering clothing, shoes, electronic gadgets, and beauty products.

Fashion enthusiasts can also satisfy their cravings for trendy outfits and accessories in the fashion stores found inside the mall. Owned and operated by Lulu Group International, Mushrif mall is a great place to spend time with family and friends, enjoying different entertainment and dining experiences.

Deerfields Mall: A Neighborhood Mall in the Outskirts of Abu Dhabi

Deerfields Mall is a neighborhood mall located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. It has over 160 stores, including major retailers like Lulu Hypermarket and Max Fashion. The mall also features a food court, a cinema, and a children’s play area.

Khalidiyah Mall: A Mid-Range Shopping Center in the Heart of the City

Khalidiyah Mall is a mid-range shopping center in the city’s heart. It features over 160 stores, including international brands like Forever 21 and Bath & Body Works. The mall also has several dining options and a cinema, making it a convenient spot for a day out.


Are the malls in Abu Dhabi open on Fridays?

Yes, most malls in Abu Dhabi are open on Fridays, although some may have reduced opening hours.

Are the malls in Abu Dhabi wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most malls in Abu Dhabi are wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators available.

Are there any malls in Abu Dhabi that are pet-friendly?

While most malls in Abu Dhabi do not allow pets, some outdoor malls like Yas Mall and The Galleria Al Maryah Island may allow pets in outdoor areas.

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What is the best time to visit the malls in Abu Dhabi?

The best time to visit the malls in Abu Dhabi is during weekdays, especially in the morning, to avoid crowds.

Can I get a tax refund for my shopping in Abu Dhabi malls?

Yes, tourists are eligible for a tax refund when shopping in Abu Dhabi malls. Keep your receipts and inquire about the tax refund process at the mall’s customer service desk.


Abu Dhabi is a shopper’s paradise with an array of shopping centers that offer the best shopping experiences. It may be challenging to narrow down which one to visit first, but exploring the region’s best malls can help shoppers make the right choice.

The list includes well-known malls such as Al Jimi Mall, Al Raha Mall, and WTC Mall. Also, tourists can find many popular attractions like Ferrari World and Yas Island nearby, making it a perfect destination for shopping and leisure.

People who love sand sports can visit the Beach Rotana Hotel, which offers sandboarding, sand skiing, and other fun activities. On the other hand, the WTC mall is home to several leading brands worldwide, providing a holistic shopping experience. Therefore, exploring these top-rated Abu Dhabi malls is the perfect way to find the ideal retail bliss.

However, by exploring the best malls listed above, shoppers can easily find the perfect retail therapy experience to suit their preferences and budget. These malls offer a range of entertainment options, from cinemas to bowling alleys, making them perfect for a day out with family and friends.

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